I’m NOT the Patrick you think I am….

The other day while at a Hawaiian event I was approached by a couple. Ok, I’m not going to lie, this happens often and I am prepared to respond with a flurry of templates that begin to calculate in my head as people approach me. Within that split second, I’m also calculating, “Do I know these folks? Have I seen them before or did they attend a show? Are they former students of mine?”

So the couple approaches and we begin “The Dance”

Couple: Patrick we really enjoy what you do

Me: Thank You, where are you from?

Couple: We are from the South Bay and we’ve seen you all around. We know you’ve been doing shows here and on the islands and just impressed with your dedication.

Me: Mahalo for your support and always good to see you..

Couple: We’re just so excited to see you in person, can we take a picture with you?

Me: ABSOLUTELY! Give me your camera and I’ll take a selfie…

Couple: (After the photo) Thank you Patrick! Please be sure to send our regards to your Halau, you have such BEAUTIFUL Dancers….

Me thinking ALOUD in my head: Should I tell them I’m not Kumu Hula Patrick Makuakane or should I just suck it up, again, and save the story as yet ANOTHER conversation starter for when I do see Kumu Patrick.

You just gotta love it! Much love to Kumu Patrick and Nā Lei Hulu I Ka Wēkiu!

Aloha Everywhere…

Patrick Landeza Returns to Radio!

Patrick Landeza will host his weekly show “Aloha Everywhere” on KPRP 650AM Honolulu, Hawai`i. The show will air on Sundays at 5pm HST and available online through alohaeverywhere.com. “Aloha Everywhere” will begin on March 6, 2016.

“Nobody shares true Aloha like Patrick,” says Rick Thomas, Program Director for CBS Radio. “I am looking forward to the show and hearing him on the airwaves once again,” Thomas adds. Patrick Landeza, has always been considered a natural when it comes to radio, whether being interviewed or the interviewer. He began his radio career while in college at Cal State University, Hayward with a weekly program called “Ola Mau Na Mele.” “I am so excited of Patrick’s return to radio,” says former KSUH Program Director and now Imaging Director at Cumulus Media, Mario Butzner. “When he first brought his show of Hawaiian music to KSUH in the 1990’s, his unique format blended songs from recording artists as well as live studio recordings. He quickly became one of the most popular programs on the station earning several awards during its run,” Butzner adds. In 2005 Landeza created “The Hawaiian Music World” podcast that highlighted music and life on the road with some of the islands favorite musical artists. He was a pioneer in podcasting, as one of only Hawaii interest shows available at the time. “For me that was a big deal because podcasting was so new and I was able to use my radio skills and apply it to a on demand setting,” Landeza says. In 2010, “The Hawaiian Music World” moved to KAPU 104.7FM in Felton, California where he continued his same brand of traditional Hawaiian music and interviews relating to all things Hawaii.

Musically, Landeza made Hawaiian music history as the first musician based on the mainland to win the prestigious Na Hoku Hanohano Award for Slack Key Album of the Year. The Hoku’s is considered to be Hawaii’s equivalent to the Grammy. Landeza is a Hawaii Music Award winner and was recently awarded Listen for Life’s “Musician of the Heart Award”.  Listen for Life was the organization that produced a world music concert for peace at NY’s Carnegie Hall which Patrick was a part of. Born and raised in Berkeley, California to Hawaii-born parents, Patrick studied slack key from masters like Cyril Pahinui, Ray Kane, and Dennis Kamakahi. Landeza is not only one of the top slack key performers around, he is also a musical bridge between Hawaii and the Mainland.

Patrick’s new show, “Aloha Everywhere” will highlight all things Hawaii on and off the island. “The mainland has so many Hawaiian events and folks with unique stories, I want to uncover and share these stories with the world,” says Patrick. The format will be split between music and talk radio and will run live in Hawai`i every Sunday at 5pm (HST) on KPRP 650AM Pinoy Power Radio and can be heard live online. “We are looking forward to having him onboard, he’s such a great addition to our multi-cultural format and the mission of our radio station,” says Sunny-Aloha Miller, Public Relations Director of KPRP 650AM.

“I’m excited to be on the airwaves on Oahu,” Patrick shares, “calling awareness to all things Hawaiian, on and off the ʻĀINA, I strive to continue, to be the bridge that connects Aloha Everywhere.”

“Aloha Everywhere” can be heard every Sunday at 5pm (HST) on KPRP 650AM Pinoy Power Radio beginning March 5, 2016. The program is also available online at alohaeverywhere.com.




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